its been awhile

There’s no hiding it, my last published post, in my now dusty corner of the Internet, was on August 1, 2013. 2013?! How did I go an entire year (and then some) without even logging in to check on my space? Why did I ignore this for so long?

And you know what’s even worse? I don’t have a good excuse. Not one. There was no life-changing event that happened to me, or a serious family issue, nothing substantial in my way that would have prevented me from logging in and doing one of my most favorite things to do in my free time – writing.

But that should stop today. Today, I finally took the first step and logged in again. Baby steps, right?

I couldn’t help but laugh looking back at some of my old posts. Especially my “5 mile milestone” one, as I now have one successfully completed half-marathon under my belt, as well as a completed Army 10-miler, and another half-marathon set to be run on March 14th. Running is now something that is essential to my life, so it was pretty cute to see myself being so proud of running 5 miles and really seeing how far I have come.

So, as it shows on my blog, let’s pretend like 2014 didn’t happen (even though a lot of great things happened that year, which I’ll probably talk about) and push forward. Here’s to the rest of 2015 and many more entries to come.

I want to kick New York’s ass.

Pardon the language, but I recently read a Buzzfeed article called, “20 ways New York is totally kicking your ass.” I could not help but laugh and also be able to largely identify with nearly everything it listed, especially #19, #10 & #6. Sure this city is amazing, enticing and beautiful at times, but it can also be tiring, hectic, and not to mention smelly, especially in the summer.

But I also had a minor epiphany and I thought to myself, why am I letting New York kick my ass, why I don’t I kick its ass? Am I right here or am I right? And by kicking its ass, I mean that I want to turn the tables. I want to feel empowered rather than defeated, I want to be wildly successful rather than feeling down or sorry for myself, I want to feel like I earned my own little spot in New York and that one day it will be hard for this place to see me go.

In the mean time, while I’m working my way there with everyone else, scenes like this sure do make me forget my problems and make me thankful that no matter what, I’m happy to be here:

image (9)

5 mile milestone.

In honor of National Running Day, I felt like now was as good a time as any to talk about a personal milestone that I hit yesterday, along with my running partner (and boyfriend, Josh): we finally hit 5 miles. As I always preface these type of milestones, I realize that 5 miles is not a lot to some people, but for me this was a huge deal. I mean, I have never ran 5 miles in my life! It’s so gratifying too to keep pushing myself. I felt proud of myself when I hit 3 miles, then a few weeks later getting up to 4 and now I’m at 5. It’s amazing to think, “hey, I can do this,” especially as a person that used to loathe running. I’ve even learned to love to running in the morning before work which is a milestone in and of itself. Although it certainly helps to have pretty views like the one below. It was nice to surprise myself and push myself to reach this point. I can’t wait to see how much further I can go.


a delicious friday.

This Friday, I ate, and I ate well. Since it was a beautiful spring day, and my boyfriend and I happen to work right near Madison Square Park, we planned ahead and decided to get Shake Shack for lunch. Now, I’ve had Shake Shack before, but it’s been awhile, not to mention I had talked about going since we moved up here 6 months ago, so I was pretty excited. Needless to say I had been craving it for so long, it lived up to its expectation. Friday also happened to be the same day that Madison Square Eats was opening, so of course we headed there to check it out after work. I then experienced what was possibly the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. I know, that’s a bold statement. But I had heard rave reviews about Roberta’s before, and since they had a stand there, I just had to try it, and am very glad that I did. It was a very delicious Friday night and am so thankful that NYC has many more yummy places for me to test out.

image (40)

image (41)

image (42)

Cathy’s wedding weekend.

This was one of those weekends that myself, and essentially my entire mom’s side of my family had been waiting for, for a very long time. Our family hadn’t had a wedding in so long, and we were looking forward to a fun get-together. Needless to say, this weekend lived up to its hype & then some! There was a lot of laughing, a lot of happy tears, a lot of dancing & good times all around. My cousin Cathy looked absolutely gorgeous for her big day, the ceremony was lovely, and the reception had amazing food, great music, and that’s all you can really ask for! It’s definitely one we’ll remember for a long time. Congratulations again Cathy & Kent!

image (39)

Boston on our minds.



I find that the older I get, the more I am deeply affected by tragedies such as the recent events in Boston. When Columbine happened, I was much too young to fully understand & grasp the severity of such an event taking place.

Then of course was September 11th. Again, I was young, but at the same time, knew that this was something that was going to change our country forever.

As a senior in high school, I was horrified to see the graphic violence that played out at Virginia Tech, exactly 6 years ago today. It really hit home, being a Virginia resident, and knowing so many friends and old classmates that attended the school.

Then, just last summer, we were hit with the shooting at an Aurora, CO movie theater. More senseless violence. Followed much too closely by the unimaginable scene in Newtown, CT.

Yesterday, was Boston. So much fear, so many questions, and senseless, horrific violence.

It makes it hard, for me to wonder, how people can get to such a dark place, and then to stay in that dark place and shove it onto good, innocent people and make us question so many things as a people, a nation and a world.

At the end of the day, we have to remember, that no matter what, there are still good people in the world. People who also don’t understand this violence. People who ran towards the gunshots, the twin towers, the explosions, because they knew they had to help, they knew that even if they couldn’t come back, they knew they had a chance at saving people. People who opened their homes yesterday, runners who kept running after a marathon to go donate blood at local hospitals, people who added to a Google doc. what space they had available for people to stay. In the end, good will triumph over evil. These people are that proof.




Words comfort me, specifically writing words. It’s been my passion all along, the only thing that I truly believe I have a talent for as well as a passion for. It helps me work through things. It’s the only way I can ever clearly process my thoughts, whether I’m typing them or physically writing them down.

Not to mention, memories are fleeting, we tell ourselves that we’ll remember things forever, and some of those moments we will, but not all of them. They’ll slip away, memories, those quotes we loved, all of it. To me, writing it down makes me feel better, like I’ve emptied it out of my mind but I have it there, on this piece of paper, to look at it whenever I want or to discover years later.

I’ve made words even more permanent in my life, with my two tattoos, “vie d’amour” (love life) and “temet nosce” (know thyself), both insanely important to me for various reasons. And frankly, they should be insanely important as they will be on me for the rest of my life.

It’s also why, I love this tumblr so much, which the above photo is from. The simplicity of the typewriter-esque font the words are in, (am I the only one who wishes we still used typewriters? yes?), the perfect snippets of songs, quotes, books, poets. It’s amazing how words can perfectly articulate exactly how you feel in an exact moment in time. What else can do that for you?

finally friday.



today, I have felt how this girl looks. I overslept this morning, rushed to make it to work. to my dismay it was rainy, windy and much more chilly than it has been the past few days. I’ve felt tired and have had a headache for a better part of the afternoon, all coupling with what has already felt like a long week. so, essentially, I just want to put some comfy clothes on, get a milkshake & lounge, just like the lovely lady above. I know we all have these days, but thankfully, I just keep telling myself today is Friday, and tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day in NYC. I hope I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Mugs of Pugs

Most people know this, but for those who don’t, I love pugs. I am especially obsessed with my pug, Rupert (which sparked my love for pugs in general) and I miss him terribly since I have moved away from home. Almost a month ago though, my parents came up to visit me for my birthday and they brought Rup along. We had a great afternoon, walking all around Hoboken and I took them down to the waterfront. Rupert was tired, so he sat down, and I realized I had a money shot. I squatted down, and took what is probably the greatest photo I will ever take of him. He had a very “McKayla is not impressed” face on, even with the Empire State Building in the background. I loved it.

In fact, I loved it so much, that I decided to submit it to one of my favorite tumblr’s, Mugs of Pugs. So I emailed it and never heard anything back. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so last night I decided to check it out, and what did I find? My fantastic photo of Rupert, featured on the tumblr:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.39.56 PM

Needless to say, I freaked out. Now, Rupert is finally famous. And the best part? That owner of that blog used the hashtag #sassypug.